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ISIN allocation

Pursuant to Section 2 of the Ministry of Finance Order 1/2010. (I.8.) on ISIN issuance (hereinafter: ISIN Order) the issuer is obliged to identify with an ISIN the securities and other stock exchange products issued or being issued by the issuer. In line with the ISIN Order the central depository is responsible for ISIN issuance, thus in Hungary the Central Clearing House and Depository (Budapest) Ltd. (hereinafter: KELER) as central depository acts as national code issuer in respect of ISIN issuance and registration of related data.

Details of the service

All securities series (either physical or dematerialized) are registered with an ISIN

The ISIN (International Securities Identification Number = international securities code) is a combination of letters and numbers, consisting of 12 characters to identify individual securities series and other stock exchange products. ISINs issued by KELER always start with HU referring to .

Securities in the same series have the same ISIN. The issuer is obliged to request ISIN in the cases as follows:

·         For the issuance of new securities series,

·         For existing securities series (even if it was earlier identified)

o                     If the form of securities is changed (e.g. physical  -> dematerialized)

o                     If the nominal value or currency is changed,  

o                     If related rights and obligations are changed, 

·         If securities within one series and issued at different times represent temporarily different rights (e.g. broken dividend), or

·         If in case of issuance of securities in the same series as securities already listed on the stock exchange the securities issued later are not listed on the same stock exchange at the time of issue.


There is no need to request a new ISIN, if

·         The quantity of securities in the series is changed (increase or decrease),

·         Or the data of the issuer (e.g. name, registered seat of the issuer, trade register number, etc.) are changed.


KELER issues the ISIN at the request of the issuer. The applicant can submit ISIN issuance requests on the appropriate form. The request can be submitted to KELER personally at the Client Service of KELER, by mail and in defined cases electronically on the web site of KELER ( INSERT LINK HERE. 


KELER issues a certificate on the issued ISIN that is sent by mail or electronically to the applicant within 3 business days.


The ISIN issued is for an already identified securities series. If this securities series is not distributed and issued, the ISIN can be used for another securities series if the type, mode of production, nominal value, currency and Issuer (basic) of the new securities series are identical with the data originally submitted and the applicant provides a prior notice to KELER on the form of securities production (physical or dematerialized) and other data that are modified.

KELER can refuse a request to issue an ISIN only if based on details provided by the applicant the request cannot be met or the applicant fails to pay the fee stated in the Fee Schedule of KELER for ISIN issuance. For offline ISIN application the evidence of fee payment is to be submitted to KELER jointly with the application. KELER sends a written notice to the applicant on the refusal of the request within 3 business days of receipt of the request.


ISINs issued are published on the official web site of KELER.

The „Clearing House Announcement on ISIN issuance and central securities register” contains detailed requirements of ISIN application.

What should the client do if it wishes to use this service?

The ISIN can be requested on the form of KELER or on the website operated by KELER.

ISIN request on the form of KELER:

1. The applicant will need to use the form of KELER entitled ‘Form to request securities identification (ISIN) issue’:

This form

  • can be received personally at the Client Service of KELER or
  • by downloading the application from the website of KELER and sending it in pdf format (or in a file format that cannot be modified) to the e-mail address or
  • the completed application can be sent to e-mail address

KELER mails the form necessary to request ISIN in the number of copies and to the address shown in the request.

2. Related to the ISIN request the issuer personally submits to the Client Service of KELER or mails to KELER the following documents:

  • the ‘Form to request securities identification (ISIN) issue’ (all 4 copies) completed and duly signed on behalf of the applicant,
  • the related “Form” completed and duly signed on behalf of the applicant,
  • and the document proving payment of the ISIN issue related fees.

3. Within 3 business days of receipt of the application KELER generates the ISIN based on data submitted and issues a certificate thereof that will be mailed jointly with the invoice on the ISIN related fee as registered mail to the address of the applicant.

Contact information:
Demat Department is the unit of KELER dealing with ISIN issues, e-mail address: