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Cash management


KELER maintains cash accounts in Hungarian Forint for investment firms and brokerage companies that are members of KELER. In special cases accounts can be opened for institutions of other types (e.g. yield account for issuer for corporate actions with payment).

Primarily the bank accounts are for the financial settlement of transactions made on the stock exchange and other securities transactions.

In line with the Condition list of interests KELER pays interest on the account balances (to the holders of cash accounts and sub-accounts).

KELER is entitled to keep cash accounts in HUF for credit institutions for the purpose of making collateral; however, as a result of its clearing house function KELER as a third party settles DVP (Delivery Against Payment) and other capital market transactions whereby financial settlement involves the cash accounts of credit institutions kept by the Magyar Nemzeti Bank.

KELER maintains accounts in 41 foreign currencies to support international and other settlement of foreign currency based transactions and to receive yield payments of foreign securities for its members and provides foreign exchange conversion (FX) services in the main currencies.

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