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Dematerialization consultation

In addition to tasks resulting from acting as central depository KELER provides supplementary services to companies related to the dematerialization of securities based on individual agreements:

  • Giving an opinion on the issuer (board of directors and general meeting) resolutions necessary for the conversion of physical equities into dematerialized equities, consultation on the text of resolutions,
  • Giving an opinion on the required modification of the bylaws, preparing a detailed schedule of the conversion,
  • Participation in preparing the text of notices to be published in the course of conversion, providing continuous information on the progress of submitting shares,
  • In line with the requirements of legal regulations transferring to the shareholder the dematerialized shares replacing the shares that were not submitted for conversion until they are sold,
  • After the sale of dematerialized equities replacing the non-submitted shares paying the financial countervalue of the shares sold.

Please contact us if you are interested in our services.

Client Service
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